The Golden HomeĀ® retail business segment services traditional retail grocery stores and convenience stores with the nation’s only line of ultra thin shelf stable pizza crusts as well as with a line of fully baked, thaw and display, homestyle breads, buns, and specialty products. Golden Home offers direct sales support, merchandising, competitive pricing, innovative promotions, sales-driving point of sales materials, and, of course, our award winning products.

Ultra Thin Pizza Crusts

  • Products arrive at your stores, and each case contains easy-to-follow merchandising, handling, and date coding instructions
  • Products are merchandised at room temperature in grocery, dairy, meat, bakery, or deli departments
  • Merchandising racks, hooks, and sales generating POS materials are all available

Bread and Buns

  • Products arrive at your stores frozen and each case contains easy-to-follow merchandising, handling, and date coding instructions.
  • Products are merchandised fresh.
  • This process maximizes your gross margins contribution and eliminates shrink and out-of-stocks.  In other words, no lost sales!

How to Run the Program in the Store…It’s Easy!

When your bread products arrive they are to go directly into the freezer. They are labeled and ready to be put on the shelf. We recommend putting only two of each item on the shelves at a time. Thaw the product in the back room or right on the shelf. Do not thaw product in the cooler.

As the products sell you should replenish your shelf from the freezer stock. Once pulled from the freezer the product can be fully thawed and ready for sale in approximately 1 hour.

Ordering and Delivery…It’s Easy!

As your freezer stock depletes you will need to re-order. In order to process your order we ask that you please call our office at (920) 734-9206 or send a Fax to (920) 734-2129 by 2PM for a next day delivery. Please use your customer number and item numbers to eliminate any errors.

Products are sold by the case only.

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