Why Golden Home Pizza Crusts?

  • The ONLY true Ultra Thin Pizza Crust!
  • The ONLY Ultra Crispy Pizza Crust!
  • Three or Five Great Crusts per Package!
  • Check out our 100% Whole Grain Ultra Thin Pizza Crusts!

Golden Home Bakery's pizza crusts are a lighter, healthier version of everyone's favorite! Ultra Thin Pizza Crusts come in a convenient, resealable 3 or 5 pack. Golden Home Pizza Crusts make for easy prep & a quick bake for your next pizza creation! The resealable 3 or 5 pack allow unused pizza crusts to be stored in your refrigerator for 3-5 days in resealed package or in your freezer for up to 30 days...unopened pizza crusts are shelf stable up to six months!

Our 100% Whole Grain Ultra Thin Pizza Crusts are a good source of fiber, which helps prevent obesity, reduces blood & cholesterol levels, and maintains blood sugar levels and weight.

Our 16g Protein Pizza Crusts incorporates both soy and whey proteins to provide prolonged release to muscle groups as they are digested and absorbed at different rates. Your perfect pizza now starts with a smarter crust.

What kind of pizzas can you make with Golden Home Pizza Crusts? Click Here to check out some of our tasty recipes!

Nutritional Information

Fat CaloriesTotal FatSaturated FatDietary FiberSodium
12" Ultra Thin Pizza Crust   15 1.5g 0.0g 1g 85mg
12" 100% Whole Wheat Pizza Crust   15 1.5g 0.0g 4g 80mg
7" Ultra Thin Pizza Crust   15 2g 0.5g 1g 100mg
7" 100% Whole Wheat Pizza Crust   20 2g 0.0g 5g 95mg
7" 16g Protein Ultra Thin Crust   10 1g 0.0g 1g 260mg


What do our customers say?

  • "Wow...tried the new Ultra crispy, ultra thin pizza crusts last night.....Incredible!!! Best homemade pizza yet!!! We'll be buying a lot more!"

    Michael and Lou Ann - Prior Lake, MN
  • "I wanted to express how much we enjoyed your thin pizza crusts. The entire crust is crispy when baked vs. just the edges and soggy in the middle. We have tried many crusts and this is the BEST! We also like that the crust stands up to toppings and we don't have to limit them. Thank you for this excellent product!"

    Stacey - Mukwonago, WI
  • "FINALLY, someone has come up with this concept - I discovered your crusts, the Original (Ultra Thin & Crispy) this past week at Woodmans in Milwaukee. My interest was peaked as I stumbled across them by accident after hearing many people in the area talking about them. I decided to give the crust a try and made a couple of pizzas, they were absolutely AWESOME!!"

    Charita - Milwaukee, WI
  • "As a native of Appleton, WI  I wanted to tell you that your 100% Whole Grain Ultra-thin pizza crust is the ultimate new food I have discovered in a long time. I first purchased them at Trig's grocery store in Eagle River, WI. I now find them here in Appleton. The thin, crispy crust makes the perfect pizza. I was never a fan of store bought frozen pizza crust, and this really seals the deal. The few extra minutes to prepare is well worth the time, plus it's cheaper than Papa Murphy's, which was my favorite store bought pizza. I remember, as a little girl, stopping at Quaker Bakery store on the corner of Mason and Wisconsin to buy the most delicous donuts with peanuts on top. I wish it was still open! I have never written to a company before to praise or complain about a product, but the pizza crust certainly deserve it. Thank you, we enjoy!!"

    Carol - Appleton, WI
  • "We recently discovered your Ultra Crispy & Ultra Thin Pizza Crusts while we were on a mini vacation "up north". We bought a 3 serving package and made pizzas the next day when we returned home. WE LOVE THEM!!"

    Geri - Madison, WI
  • "Love the whole grain ultra thing pizza crusts. We've gone from making a couple of pizzas a year to a couple a week. Thanks for a great product!"

    Jennifer - Menasha, WI
  • "Just wanted to tell you I picked up you Ultra Thin Pizza Crusts in Crivits, WI a ffew weeks ago. BEST ever thin crust I've ever had!"

    Liz - Grafton, WI
  • "I am a Registered Dietitian and absolutlely love your 100% Whole Grain Pizza Crust (comes in a 3 pack). Thank you for making such a great product! I will recommend your pizza crusts to clients and friends."

    Laura - Cedarburg, WI